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Precision Manufacturing.
Demanding Applications.

Axial: Mission Critical Manufactured Fasteners
Our focus

We are manufacturing mission critical, precision turned and threaded products for today's most challenging applications.

Custom manufactured, designed to withstand the most demanding applications, sourced domestically.
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We work in

Mission Critical Applications


We manufacture corrosion resistant fasteners to protect against even the harshest environments. Examples are acids, seawater, and corrosive atmospheres. Our team will help you determine what the best solution is to your corrosion problem.

High Temperature

Where high temperatures are an engineering constraint,  we manufacture fasteners using specialty metals and specially designed high temperature fasteners.

High Pressure

In environments that extreme pressure are present, we determine the best materials for each fastener. Whether design or manufacturing, we are here to assist in your high pressure needs.

High Strength

At Axial, we can manufacture high strength fasteners to meet your requirements.


For subsea applications, Axial's commitment to utilizing DFARS compliant countries for our manufactured fasteners is key to a reliable product. Our fasteners are also traceable to mill and heat treating for full visibility and assurance that your fasteners used in subsea environments are made to the highest standards.

Axial’s Vision brings together the most advanced  manufacturing and industry knowledge.

Our Mission
The Passion For Perfection
We are driven by our pursuit of perfection, in every design, every product, and every application. Our industry experience and track record speak to our ability to manufacture and deliver what you need for each order.
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Axial Press Release
ExpreSS Bolt & Gasket Announces Rebrand to Axial Global
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