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Industries we work with.

Our Vision

We are bringing together the most
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Oil and Gas
From exploration to well stimulation and fracking, the downhole oil & gas sector is exposed to a combination of severe corrosion and strength issues which requires specialty materials fasteners such as Hastelloy, Inconel and MP35N. Axial offers fasteners that are compliant to many critical oil & gas fasteners and material standards including:
From wind and nuclear, specialty material fasteners are needed to generate electricity for the world. There are many issues that face the power generation industry, strength, high temperature and corrosion are the most common.

The wind industry has a high demand of specialty wind turbine fasteners required to manufacture the latest wind turbines.

The three-blade wind turbine can weigh up to 164 tons and requires approximately 25,000 fasteners. We can manage a complete solution starting with the exact documentation required and delivers the fasteners required for this complex wind turbine assembly. The wind turbines assemblies require unique fasteners and fastener application engineering. Specialty, custom engineered fasteners are required for wind turbines because ofintense vibration that exist during operation.
Power Generation
Natural gas power generation produces excessive heat produced in turbines and the associated power plants require fasteners built to withstand temperatures greater than 2000 degrees F. These temperatures require specialty materials and treatments.
Heavy Industries
Mines, quarries, and other heavy industries have demanding requirements including high strength and large parts. We are capable of manufacturing parts in the heavy industrial OEM products and parts, our process allows for parts to be made in up to 8" diameter and have the ability to make parts in the lengths needed for this type of heavy equipment.
Axial provides the intricate fabrication required for military and defense applications.  Our complement of modern equipment includes 5-axis, 5-axis-indexed, and 3-axis CNC mills and lathes with live tooling.  We can precisely transition a customer’s CAD models into assured ISO9001:2015 quality production.  Axial has leadership members from the US Navy’s Nuclear Power Program and Submarine community so we understand the demands of being a defense subcontractor.
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